In this fast-paced world, people tend to become bored with the old and hanker for something new all the time. It is the same with yoga. Of course, the age-old postures and poses are not going to change. After all, each asana carries a specific meaning and purpose. However, it seems possible to make the yoga routine itself more modern, flexible and upbeat.

Laughter Yoga

It appears that the concept of laughter has become outdated in a world filled with stresses and tensions. In such a scenario, Laughter Yoga should serve as a wonderful remedy. The idea is to bring about a wonderful blend of ‘laughing’ exercises and breathing exercises, for overall wellbeing. The brain and the rest of the body receive a greater amount of oxygen. This creates the impression of boundless energy and enthusiastic health.

Surprisingly, just about ten minutes each day is more than enough to ensure that your body, mind, and spirit receive something akin to a splendid cardio workout. The benefits are wonderful. Since you have begun your day with laughter, it follows that you will remain joyous throughout your day. Then again, even one bout of laughter suffices to reduce your physical, emotional and mental stresses effectively. Over time, you will be able to keep your blood-sugar levels and blood pressure under control. Both, your immune and cardiovascular systems function better than before.

Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga is quite a rage in India and other nations, due to the numerous benefits that it offers. When you get down into a swimming pool or any water body, your joints no longer have to tolerate the heavy weight of your body. This is because water is buoyant. Therefore, you need not worry about painful joints or any kind of bodily discomfort while exercising.

As your muscles relax in the water, you will be able to stretch them easily without fear of injury. Over time, both, your joints and muscles will improve in strength, endurance, the range of motion and flexibility. Aqua Yoga has proved tremendously beneficial for people suffering from depression, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. It is also excellent for recovering from pre-natal or post-natal procedures, knee and/or hip replacement surgeries and other operations. Above all, it restores the physical balance of the body.

Aerial Yoga

You will need a hammock created from high-density nylon, which resembles a lengthy scarf, for this kind of yoga routine. The scarf is linked to straps and supporting chains, in order to ensure that you have a good grip.

Your aerial routine will permit your body to adjust to novel positions and more space, thereby ensuring deeply fulfilling bodily stretches. Then again, you have to be more aware and alert regarding your exercises and surroundings. Thirdly, your core muscles, which are working against gravity, will receive a beautifully strengthening workout each time. Your body begins to balance and stabilize itself better and better.

Finally, the excitement of being in the air and trying something different is bound to reduce stress levels largely.