It is no secret that getting a good night’s sleep is important to your mind and body. It helps regulate your moods, keep your weight in a healthy range, and helps keep you immune system in check. You know the feeling when you do not get what you need; you are tired, groggy, a little slow, and probably somewhat cranky. This is your body’s natural response to not getting what it needs. It is important that you make time for enough sleep, and make sure you get a good, quality sleep with the time you do have.

Get Enough of It

Life is busy, and sometimes getting a solid eight hours just does not happen. Let’s be honest, eight hours of sleep a day is hard to do when you have a busy life with all these other responsibilities. You will find that prioritizing sleep is going to make the rest of your life easier and more productive. When you are not getting the sleep you need, your body is not going to function as well as it could be. Distractions are going to take up more time, and you will not be handling stress in the best way. This is not a short coming on you, it is just what happens when you restrict your sleep.

Make the Most of Your Sleep

It is one thing to schedule out eight hours of sleep, and another thing entirely to actually sleep during that time. You have probably been in this scenario before; you tell yourself you are going to sleep at 10 PM and get up at 6 AM, which is an eight hour window. Great, but then 10 PM rolls around and you just cannot go to sleep. This makes getting eight hours a little more than just a planning thing. There are some important steps that you can take to make your sleep actually happen.

The blue light emitted from your phone, computer, and tablet can disrupt your natural sleep patterns, and turning them off an hour before bed can help lower that. Make sure that you get some activity in the day can also improve your sleep habits, and meditation or other mindfulness techniques can also help you sleep better. Yoga is a great way to get some exercise and practice mindfulness. The reduction in stress and increase in physical activity both help you improve your sleep.

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While it may seem a little counterintuitive, making sure that you get plenty of sleep can help you get more done. Productivity is so closely tied to being well rested, and that increase in efficiency can be seen almost right away. However, it does not matter how much time you say you will sleep for, if you cannot get your mind to be quiet and let you sleep. Ensuring that you have habits that improve sleep is going to be extremely helpful in keeping you well rested. Yoga is a great activity to in regards to sleep, and it does a lot to help your body out in other ways too. Set eight hours, and be mindful of your habits; these are going to lead to a well-rested you.